11th day of Jan.

It has already been 10 days since the New Year!

I had plans of starting up a new blog in 2017 that would revolve around happy/funny/positive stuff but it took me 10 days to finally get going 🙂

I have been a regular writer from my school days and have been journaling since then. Then around 2007 I transitioned to e-journaling by blogging. That has been my vent out/mind space.

A few years back I developed writer’s block or if I may say Blogger’s Block. Since then I have been finding it difficult to express out there, whatever is going on in my head.

So now I am starting again. This time with a fresh perspective. With this blog, I want to get into a regular habit of journaling. So I would make sure that I do at least one post  daily.

Let’s see how it goes 🙂

The image here – I took that pic in New Zealand last year in November. A beach called Castle Point beach. It was all empty with no humans at all. One of my fave places 🙂


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