Fun & Happiness

My rainbow friends

These two Rainbow Lorikeets frequently visit my balcony these days. It is sooo nice to see such beautiful rainbow colours flying around. They make my day..any day! These are my fellow grapes lovers too 🙂

The other day, while we were still getting acquainted, one of them flew and sat on my head! I don’t know if he thought that my head is made up of wood 😛

Initially, I fed them bananas and they quite enjoyed that for a day or two but then on day 3 they outrightly rejected! After doing a bit of google search I figured they love juicy grapes more.

These guys are like my pets now, at least I’d like to think that as I can’t have a real pet in my apartment…arghhhh stupid building rules.

I am really grateful that these birds love to hangout in my space. I really love watching them. They are quite funny actually…always playing with each other, kissing/cuddling and biting each others food. They seem committed to each other 🙂 ❤

Trivia : These birds love over ripen fruits and such fruits often get fermented, being in sun all the time. As a result, Lorikeets get drunk and act drunk 😀 I found that so funny! And they are often hung over so they appreciate sweet porridge or fresh fruits to get over the bad bad hangover 🙂 hehe


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