Fun & Happiness

Two Loris and a Mynah 


Morning ritual. My precious’ flew in today morning for their regular feed. With the usual grapes I thought of adding something new to their menu… Some bird feed from Woolies. I thought they’d be doing a happy dance with different variety of food like we humans do..But. They weren’t interested in anything else. ha. Their happy dance is saved for grapes and only grapes. Fine, suit yourselves Loris!

These days we have a new visitor too. A Mynah. She sneaks in meekly when these two are done eating and nibbles on all the leftovers, cleaning the balcony 🙂 That’s good as then I don’t have to sweep the floor of any leftovers. Good job, Mynah!

When the Loris aren’t around or visiting other houses for food, Mynah comes and takes a stroll on the balcony. Like she is taking measurements of the walls. Loves to chill in sun and look around.

I love to observe different species 🙂 So it is great when they are fluttering around. I take a break from my chores and just sit and observe. It is pretty refreshing.

Try it if you haven’t already. Just take a break for a few minutes, sit back and observe.


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