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Pic(ks) of the day

These photos are from Miners Beach in Port Macquarie. Unofficially known as a nudists beach, this particular spot is a hidden gem from the main Miners Beach because of its rockiness.

On this day, my husband had some office work to wrap up. So I decided to venture out on my own. That gave me a few hours to myself. And I love my me-time.

While walking up to the lookout point via Shelly Beach to Miners, I saw a wooden stairway going down towards a beach. I thought maybe that’s the main beach. I was curious to check out what is this beach like and a little scared of running into naked people. Anyway, I still made my way down, walking cautiously, if I see any nudists, I’d make a u-turn back. But my good luck or whatever, this part of the Miners Beach was empty! I made myself at ease, settling myself on a comfy rock and gazing all around, just to be sure. It was so serene and it’s just me and my solitude, with whole beach to myself! 😀

I sat here for a long time, with my thoughts, with my writing, with my book, occasionally playing in sea, trying to take in all the sea salt in the air. Talking to the sea. I must have been here for 2-3 hours. I realise now that my back is all sun burnt😋 … In the first photo you can see that this side of Miners Beach is filled with colourful pebbles. In fact, there was a butterfly too, fluttering around! I was wondering what is she doing on a beach as there was no flower but just pebbles and she was hopping from one pebble to another. Then I saw a green winged dragonfly. Made me feel like I am in a mystical island 🌴😯!

But that’s a day, a time that I’ll always cherish. There was a lot of inner dialogue exchange that happened within myself. That’s the sea effect you see! I read somewhere, whenever you find yourself near a sea, start meditating. Maybe there’s a direct connect.

Regardless, I am so thankful for that day, that moment. ❤️


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