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Daily Prompt: Translate

Translate. One of its meanings, as per Dictionary.com:

express the sense of (words or text) in another language.

Languages and translations have been an important part of my life. My native language being different to my spoken language, I have always shuffled between words. Switching on and off between people, expressing the sense of words in other language(s).

Sometimes I tend to mix up a few words from one language to another, especially when I feel close to someone, my natural (native) language comes out and my brain skips few words in translation! Having said that, I also find it extremely difficult to express myself (something deep or intense) in my native language. I am more comfortable expressing myself in English. My self expression is only in English and even if I try to EXPRESS  in my native language – if feels so fake. FAKE! like some line from a film.

It all gets lost in translation sometimes. Like a few jokes that sound best in one language but lose its humour when you translate them. Words make a difference.

Words are so important. To express anything. They can make one feel loved or they can cause a lot of harm, if not used carefully. My nan always emphasises on the importance of words. She always tells me – Choose your words carefully as they can make or break any relationship. As a kid I could never understand that but now I couldn’t agree more!

Love, translated in any language, still remains love because it is a feeling. But an item like a pen or a car or some food might be a different word with a different meaning in another language.

For example, Yama, means mountain in Japanese whereas it is God of death in Sanskrit.

So I’d say, translate  your words carefully 😉

Daily Prompt: Translate


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