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Gratitude makes it easy


Today as I started my day, with no crazy deadlines (it’s one of those RARE days), I began browsing one of my favourite websites Tiny Buddha. I absolutely love their articles!

I was going through this article on gratitude by Polly Green and it resonated so well.

It made me think of many such incidents in my life where I struggled to find gratitude and was feeling more of a victim with no choice. I have been pretty self critical about it because I have always maintained within myself to never give in to the victim consciousness. But sometimes you just slip.

The other day, trying to be easy on myself, I realised in time that it is OK to slip as long as you recognise that you have slipped and are cautious the next time. 🙂

We always have a choice – either to accept and let go of what we cannot change or have the courage to change things. Either way, one is NOT a victim and blame game doesn’t help anyone. I managed to shift focus from what is lost/not there/ could have been to what I have today and counting (and recounting) my blessings. Doing that got the feeling of gratitude out (of me) – that was stuck somewhere … as it is not easy to feel thankful in difficult situations.

I still slip sometimes, losing in my world of over thinking and over analysing, but my inner voice (if I’m listening to it) helps me shift focus. It takes time but it works.

Coming back to the article that got me thinking and re-feeling this gratitude, I wanted to share this thought with everyone out there. If we manage to shift the focus by even 10%, many things get resolved. ❤

You can read the full article here .


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