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Power of Gratitude & Perspective

Our thoughts are powerful things. They can instantly set off a chain reaction of overflowing, overwhelming emotions.”

Came across this thought-provoking article on my favourite website Tiny Buddha.

The train of thoughts knows no break. Once overthinking starts, it is mostly a downward spiral.

Many a times I feel like beating the shit out of the person or those people who made me feel like shit and I just cannot find any gratitude in that situation and it goes on for a while but where does this feeling stop? I am aware that I don’t want to form a pattern (as it has been in the past).
After a few hours or days when I am revisiting the situation in my head, being an over thinker, I TRY hard to disconnect myself from the situation and observe it from the outside, and struggle to find gratitude, if not then shift perspective. I agree, things could have gotten worse. But they have not, so (to myself) let us try to be thankful for that!
And of course, being on this earth, being with the living human beings, being with humans with emotions which tend to get super dramatic, there are and will be continuous situations that make it really hard to be thankful for. But we got to work that out. I have learned with time (and still learning) that people would behave / lie/ manipulate the way they can or have been taught to (depending on their upbringing and environment) but how we behave or react is in our hand. There is no need to stoop down at their level. One must ALWAYS maintain their dignity – that is in our own control. And our feelings. How we choose to feel about a situation is totally in our control. The situation is usually not.
I don’t mean to be preachy here. This post is more like a reminder to myself just as it is to the most of you.
I wish us all thankfulness, kindness and courage to take no shit.  ❤
You can read the complete post here.
Image courtesy : https://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/1632176/  via google.

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